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Pet Professionals

Whether you have purchased a terrier or a terrapin, all pets are likely to need some professional attention as well as the love and upkeep you as an owner can provide.

Of course while some pets are content in their animal cage with a regular supply of pet food, others require pet toys, collars, regular exercise, and lots of human affection, however all may at some time need the services of a vet.

A vet is a doctor for animals and provides an essential service for any pet owner. Most people only consider a vet necessary when their pet is sick, but a good vet can provide much more.

In an ideal world you should find a vet in your area before you buy your pet of choice, whether it is a cat, dog, bird, fish or hamster. The vet can then offer you help and advice on choosing your pet and getting your pet used to its new surroundings. Later the vet can give your new pet a general health check up and check him or her over when they’re not well.

Because your vet is likely to be someone very important to the welfare of your pet it is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of vet, and confident that they can meet the needs of your pet. If you’re not totally happy on either of these points, then it may be worth finding a new vet.

For those who choose to take on the responsibility of a cat or a dog, then there are two additional services you may need to consider - boarding kennels or catteries and pet groomers.

If you don’t have any friends or family to look after your pet when you are unable to then your local cattery or boarding kennel can provide pet care in your absence. Catteries and boarding kennels are usually used to provide pet care while the owner is away, but can be used if a cat or dog needs to be out of the house for a period of time. Whatever your reasons for using a cattery or dog kennel you should be confident that your pet will get enough food, exercise and attention, so take some time to look around and ask lots of questions before you sign your cat or dog in for a stay.

The other service you may want to treat your mutt or moggy to is pet grooming. The services offered by pet grooming companies vary from place to place, some will offer something straightforward such as a shampoo and trim, while others will offer a full pooch pampering session that includes dog massage as well as a head to toe clean including teeth cleaning and nail trimming. Whether you want to clean your cat or detox your dog, there’s bound to be a business near you offering the pet care service you need.

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